Partner with us for fibre-powered profits

Property Developers

If you’re looking for the slickest, quickest, cheapest way to bring fibre-powered WiFi to a residential, mixed-use or commercial development anywhere in South Africa, look no further.

Bring Bunny Digital onboard as your ISP and you will not only save yourself weeks of admin and technical frustration but share in the rewards of a robust, fast, and affordable solution to your staff or your tenants.

Contact us to discuss your needs and we’ll tailor a very compelling proposition for your next or existing development.

Business Owners

Connectivity is the oxygen of any business. Ok, it’s a lot more than important than that! Point is, without a robust, fast and affordable broadband solution, you won’t only be disappointing your customers but lowering staff productivity and morale at the same time. Double trouble.

The solution? Bunny-powered fibre-to-the-office and a custom-built network of cabling and WiFi that keeps everyone happy. Especially the bean-counters watching the KPIs trend up and the overheads trend down. Let’s hop on a call to button down the detail.

Get an all-in-one IT solution with no loose ends

Typically, business owners have to deal with a confusing array of IT specialists to meet their various tech needs. You get your hardware from one place, someone else installs your cabling, and someone else updates your software. One company hosts your website, another is your internet service provider, and a third manages your VoIP. One company leases you a printer, another one services it, and another supplies cartridges. A nightmare of non-connecting technical silos.

Why not just let Bunny Digital do the hopping around to solve all your tech needs, whatever they may be? Instead of being bounced between different specialists, who often blame each other when something doesn’t work, we offer a single source of clarity and supply for all IT-related issues. This means you get an integrated, efficient and cost-effective solution, with a single point of contact and billing. IT simply sorted, saving you time and money.

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