About us

Bunny Digital is a disruptive tech company that hops over legacy issues to meet the online needs of our customers in the most efficient and affordable way in the universe.

Our operations include – but are not limited to – installing fibre optic networks and sleek, integrated WiFi units in new and existing residential developments throughout South Africa.

Why? Because no one should have their life put on hold waiting for faceless bureaucracies to dig up pavements, drill through walls and coordinate chaotic roll-out plans!


We’re expanding our network of services into new and existing residential apartment blocks throughout Cape Town and up the Garden Route, creating hassle-free WiFi zones one building at a time!


If you need a better solution to keep your office affordably and reliably online, we’ll be happy to help with a solution tailored to meet your specific needs and keep your peeps happy and productive.


We also offer a ‘one-stop shop’ tech support service for businesses. Get a single point of contact and an efficient, cost effective solution for ALL your IT needs: hosting, internet, VoIP, hardware, software, cabling, printers, the lot.